BSM-3000 series (BSM-3500/3700)


    • Smart Cable ™ Technology An economical solution for modular surveillance Smart Cable technology miniaturizes the circuits present in traditional modules and integrates these circuits in the cable. With Smart Cable technology, you get complete modular flexibility at a considerably reduced cost and without the disadvantages associated with traditional modular systems.
      Câble intelligent Smart Cable technology is available for blood pressure, cardiac output, EtCO 2 monitoring and Nihon Kohden has just released a smart cable for BIS. As new parameters are developed, Nihon Kohden will continue to develop additional Smart Cable modules, ensuring an investment in monitoring against obsolescence.
      The basic parameters (3, 6 and 10 ECG, breathing, SpO 2, PNI and dual temperature) use dedicated cables and connectors. MULTI Connectors When you connect a different sensor, such as IBP, CO, CO 2 or BIS, to a MULTI connector, it automatically detects the parameter type and starts measuring. No additional configuration or different modules when changing the parameter. This feature offers cost savings and more effective monitoring. BSM-3700 has 3 MULTI connectors and BSM-3500 has 2 MULTI connectors
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      BSM-3500 BSM-3700
  • 15 or 12 inch high resolution, large color LCD TFT screen BSM-3700 displays up to 15 tracks; BSM-3500 displays up to 14 tracks. Secondary Display Capability Flexible monitor control via touch screen, remote control Powerful review Large data storage capacity and detailed review of waveforms, alarm history, arrhythmia and ST files, and trend data Analysis of 12 ECG leads Gas measurement with Multigas unit Networking An integrated LAN port allows an Ethernet network with an LS-NET patient monitoring network. The waveforms and digital data can be sent to the central monitor. Interbed Capacity A networked LifeScope VS can display digital data and 2 waveforms for up to 16 patients, even if there is no central monitor in the network Revolutionary PWTT technology This monitor incorporates a new parameter, PWTT, which may have a correlation with blood pressure. The monitor continuously calculates PWTT of the ECG and SpO 2. During the periodic measurement of the PNI, if the PWTT exceeds the threshold, it triggers the PNI measurement. This increases the chance of detecting an abrupt change in blood pressure between the periodic NIBP measurements. The blood pressure measurement technology used in this monitor uses Nihon Kohden's patented PWTT technology.


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