Cardiolife TEC-5600


Improving the quality of resuscitation Save Life, Restore Life, Support Life Designed to improve the quality of resuscitation, the Cardiolife TEC-5600 is a professional biphasic monitor / defibrillator that supports BLS and ALS teams in hospitals and clinics thanks to its intuitive, fast and efficient operation from early detection, to post-cardiac resuscitation. Innovative key technologies such as cap-ONE ETCO2 analysis and ec1 arrhythmia analysis effectively improve the quality of resuscitation and patient monitoring throughout the process of saving lives, restoring life and maintaining life.


  • Mode options: AED, manual defibrillation, synchronized cardioversion, non-invasive stimulation, monitoring
  • Rapid defibrillation in manual mode and AED
  • Compact, light design with the highest performance for resuscitation and rapid response teams in hospitals and clinics
  • Easy to carry
  • Intuitive design in 3 steps
  • High resolution color LCD
  • Innovative key technologies: cap-ONE ETCO2, ec1 arrhythmia analysis, ActiBiphasic technology and more
  • Optional viewing software
  • Standardized accessories with TEC-8300 and Nihon Kohden monitors

Economy of Life

  • Effective management of early defibrillation by efficient on-demand shocks
  • Rapid defibrillation and ECG recovery for rapid shocks and continuous observation
  • Continuous VF analysis
  • ActiBiphasic Technology

Recovery of life Ensuring the effectiveness of resuscitation

  • Advanced resuscitation through advanced advanced airway management and high quality CPR
  • Innovative cap-ONE ETCO2 technology
  • Minimization of CPR Breaks

Supporting life

  • Effective management of cardiac arrest after capture and analysis of vital signs parameters
  • Cap-ONE ETCO2 and BluPRO SpO2 Innovative Technology
  • Ec1 arrhythmia analysis for improved arrhythmia detection rate and reduction in false alarms
  • Decision support after cardiac arrest with optional visualization software and monitoring function


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