The CNS-9101 is designed for patient safety. A central monitor constantly monitors each patient. This ensures patient safety and supports caregivers. A CNS-9101 can monitor up to 48 patients. Constant care of 48 patients Up to 24 patients can be displayed on a 24-inch screen. With double display, 48 patients can be displayed. This allows efficient treatment of patients and workflows for caregivers in charge of many patients. All patients are monitored safely. Intuitive use - smooth patient care Easy and fast operation allows you to concentrate on your patient for better care. Simply click on the data area for the patient or settings to see more information or change a setting. Five function keys at the bottom of the screen give you instant access to frequently used windows and functions.   Flexible review - supports decision-making review screens are time synchronized so that you can switch between different views of the same event. You can display any alarm or arrhythmia event in the last 5 days as complete information, trend graph or digital data. Synchronized exam allows you to quickly access information to support decision-making in patient care.     LifeScope Network  


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