• Life Scope G9 provides the right features and good information for each site and specialist. Up to triple screen with an optional 19 or 24 inch touch panel. Scope of Life PT BSM-1700 can be used as a transport monitor and an input box for Life Scope G9. With this monitor combination, it takes only one action to transport the patient. Blood pressure, combined with LifeScope's G9 life-course regimen, based on Early Goal-Directed treatment can support guideline-based therapy for initial resuscitation of severe sepsis and septic shock. Life Scope G9 provides aEEG which facilitates the detection of brain crisis. By providing laboratory data, x-rays and medical records through the hospital information system (HIS), Life Scope G9 can present the information you need for quick diagnosis and quicker intervention. Improved fluid control for the patient by combining esCOO (continuous cardiac output parameter from Nihon Kohden) and PPV / SPV which indicates the reactivity of the fluid. The LifeScope G9 12-lead ECG has the same reliability as a dedicated ECG machine. No need to change electrodes. The G-Scope feature allows you to examine previous data without hiding the vital signs and current waveforms. Simply click on the side or bottom of the screen and select from three pre-assigned evaluation screens. Intelligent Cable System When you connect a smart cable to a MULTI jack, it automatically detects the setting and starts measuring. The combination of fixed basic parameters and flexible MULTI socket parameters allows flexible monitoring for different patient conditions. You get complete modular flexibility at a significantly reduced cost and without the disadvantages associated with traditional modular systems. Inter-layer monitoring You can use a bedside monitor to check the information and vital alarm status of another monitor in the network, even if there is no central monitor. Drag and drop screen manufacturer just drag the values ​​of the vital signs to where you want. Waveform positions move automatically with numeric values. No need to enter the system configuration. Contribution to clinical research and application You can save a screenshot of the control screen in a USB memory stick. Life Scope G9 also allows you to use monitored information to develop a Windows application.


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