Distributor of   covers SK-CL


SK-CL lid distributor with coin selector

Product Features: It helps the wearer to wear overshoes automatically. the user does not need to bend over to wear overshoes on his hands. Product Features: 1- Intelligent control: Dispenser control parts are made up of PCB, motor, ect sensor, it can catch the shoe covers from the shoe cover and open to the user to wear. it also has these functions of safety protection, fault alarm, fault display error. 2- Large capacity: It can contain max 200 pieces of shoe cover every time, it can be used after the user has put a shoe box in the dispenser, it is a very easy installation porcess. 3- Balance of displayed shoe coverage quantities: The display screen of the distributor can display the equilibrium of the shoe coverage quantities, the numbers will be deducted one after the one pc of the shoe cover a been released. Advantage of the product:   Manual: Shoe installation: The distributor of shoe covers should use the special shoe cover, and according to install the shoe cover as below directions.
Étape 1:

Ouvrez le couvercle de la boîte de la couverture de chaussure et placez le poids de plastique dans la boîte

Étape 2:Mettez la boîte de couverture de chaussure selon la direction indiquée dans le distributeur intérieur de couverture de chaussure Étape 3:Fermé sur le couvercle du distributeur de couvercle de chaussure
  Use on the dispenser: After the user is placed in a room, the machine will pull out a shoe cover automatically after it begins to work, a shoe cover will be worn on users of shoes when the user has put his / her foot and lower slightly into the dispenser. it will come out a shoe cover again after the user lift it / its foot.    

étape 1

étape 2

étape 3

étape 4

  Special shoe covers: SK-CL shoe cover distributor must use these types of special shoe cover which special production and be folded to put in a special cardboard box, if you want to install the shoe cover, users just need to put the box entire cover of the shoe in it. shoe cover materials and capacity: PE shoes: 200 pcs / box Overshoes CPE: 160 pcs / box Non-woven shoe cover: 100pcs / box   shoe cover materials and capacity:
Couvre chaussures 1pce PE chaussure de protection 1pce Couvre-chaussures CPE 1pce non-tissé
200pcs / boîte21box / CTN Taille: 79 * 48.5 * 60CM / CTN Poids: 16KG / CTN 160pcs / boîte21box / CTN Taille: 79 * 48.5 * 60CM / CTN Poids: 16KG / CTN 100pcs / boîte21box / CTN Taille: 79 * 48.5 * 60CM / CTN Poids: 16KG / CTN
  Scope of application: Hospital, Factory, Laboratory, Home, C Lean Room, Samplement Room and other places where need to keep clean. Product Parameters: Size of the machine: L63 * W31 * H101 (cm) external working power: AC220V 50Hz / AC110V 60Hz Power: 50W Working Voltage: DC12V shoe cover capability: - PE shoe cover: 200pcs - CPE shoe cover: 160pcs - Non-woven Overshoes: 100pcs Packing: 1set / cTN packing size: L68 * W36 * H105 (cm) / ctn gross weight: 28kg / ctn


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