Drug delivery trolley (Structure No. 9-X)


Extruded aluminum profiles, epoxy-lacquered aluminum side panels and aluminum / polyethylene / aluminum alloy rear panel form a high-quality, lightweight, robust assembly with the worktop and the injected PC / ABS base.   - Trolley equipped with ISO walls and: . 9 ABS trays for pillboxes . 54 small pillboxes   - Closure by roller shutter and lock with key (digicode optional); - Spacious worktop in PC / ABS injected with an area equivalent to an A2 sheet. It is equipped with a large edge on 3 sides. An anti-dropping front edge keeps liquids spilled; - The peripheral gripping handle also serves as protection against shock and friction; - Extremely sturdy, side-by-side PC / ABS side shelf mounted on internal rails with stop for opening and closing of the surface of an A3 sheet; - Side drawer for laptop and mouse support, lockable with key; - Accessory tube with a cup dispenser attached to it and a bottle holder;   - Right side: . Standard Rail   - 4 swivel wheels with double rollers of very high quality with double ball bearings, anti-wires, anti-traces, including 2 with brake system "easy to lock", Ø 125 mm; - PC / ABS bumpers injected on the periphery of the trolley; - Outside dimensions: 830 x 650 x H 1080 mm


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