EBit 50


Reliable Diagnostic Ultrasound

The latest portable ultrasonic machine CHISON EBit 50 is designed to easily and accurately diagnose, with its reasonable price and high quality of the medical ultrasound manufacturer CHISON, it has made its way over the crowd. ● Independent angle 15''LED (0 ° - 30 ° inclined) ● Light ● Two transducer ports (integrated) ● Probe holders ● Removable battery ● anti-theft lock ● Dediceted Adapter Space ● socket printer ● accessory box ● Trolley height adjustable (Three levels available) For  Vascular & MSK  Pour Vascular & MSK
Auto IMT
Auto IMT Automatically traces the intima, and measures the thickness of the in- intima. This allows you to measure the intima more quickly, more easily and more accurately.
 High frequency linear probe up to 18MHzOur high-frequency linear probe offers unmatched detail resolution and superior contrast resolution with an imaging frequency of up to 18 MHz.
Sonde linéaire haute fréquence jusqu'à 18MHz
Q-imageThese innovative algorithms have enhanced the image enhancement results significantly. The advanced chipset is used to ensure a fast cadence.
Super needle With Super Needle, clinicians can see the needle in the tissue more clearly during medical procedures. Needle angle up to ± 30 °
Super aiguille

 General Imaging

Beam Q ● Compared to the traditional double beam on most ultrasonic machines, the EBIT50 uses quad-beam technology to receive ultrasonic signals. ● Double the volume of signals received from traditional methods, increasing image resolution and generating more accurate images. ● Produces higher frame rates, ensuring better reliability and diagnostic efficiency, especially for moving parts.
Faisceau Q
FHI● FHI is an innovative harmonic imaging technology that uses multiple transmission and reception methods based on patient size and weight. This allows the EBit to maintain the resolution of the image when imaging larger patients. ● Traditional tissue harmonics and phase harmonics compromise image quality and resolution as penetration increases. ● Chison's FHI technology greatly improves diagnostic capacities and clinical trust in larger and harder to imagine patients.


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