ECG-1950 VET


The cardiofax VET, ECG-1950, is a reliable 6-lead electrocardiograph for dogs and cats. The camera with the built-in thermal printer not only allows 6-track recording, but also records rhythm, 1 or 3 tapes on 110 mm paper. The electrocardiograph includes NIHON KOHDEN's large and simple interpretation software ECAPS12V. This version proposes an analysis based on 60 clinical results. Depending on the body, size and species (dog our cat), this sophisticated software offers a careful analysis of recorded information. Real-time printing of ECG 3 to 6 tracks 6-lead color LCD display with heart rate and artefact display Manual and automatic recording Thermal Printer 110 mm Integrated alphanumeric keyboard Built-in SD player ECG memory: 40 ECG ECAPS12V analysis software Mains / battery operation


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