The family of laryngoscope LuxaScope. Laryngoscope with a variety of spatulas should be included in any emergency, rescue and emergency ambulance kit, as it is required as part of a resuscitation for intubation. Similarly, it means the daily work of the anesthetist in the operating room. Reliability, safety and optimal vision is a necessity for safe intubation. Therefore, we use only the most modern LED and high quality materials in the manufacture of our fiber optic family laryngoscope. Spatula by Macintosh, Miller and McCoy in all standard sizes with integrated or interchangeable fiberglass allows adaptation to almost any conditions. However, the centerpiece of a Laryngoskopsystems is the handle. The quality is distinguished above all with lighting as well as longevity. The chrome surface as well as quality lamps with optimum brightness emphasize. A simple cleaning ensures optimal hygiene. by deliberately omitting the usual structure in order to avoid niches of land. For the necessary support here make side grooves that are, however, much easier to clean. Focused on the essentials. Manufactured by LUXAMED.


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