Négatoscope extra plat 1 plage 36 – 44 cm


Treat yourself to a new generation of video recorders! Exta-flat antistatic and formidable efficiency with its aluminum structure and its luminance of 1,200 cd / m2. Last generation, this beach 1-sided viewer is extra flat and very resistant!   • This viewfinder has a screen and a body with a high-strength aluminum alloy structure. The corners are protected against possible blows by a steel plate, covered with ABS. The screen is made of methacrylic polymer. The interior and exterior are factory coated with an antistatic sprayed powder.   • These neatoscopes offer a non-aggressive fixation system for radios for easy installation and removal. Négatoscope 1 plage extra-plat! • Voltage - Frequency: 220V / 30-100Hz. • Luminance: 1200 cd / m2. Screen dimensions in cm: 36 x 44 Exterior dimensions in cm 47 x 54.5 x 2.4  


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