Neurofax ICU-EEG


NIHON KOHDEN's ICU-EEG is based on the EEG-1200 software, whose reputation on a daily basis and long-term follow-up is no longer required. Using an unventilated industrial PC with a touch screen control, the use of the ICU-EEG is particularly suited to the difficult environmental conditions of an intensive care unit. Provided with a 38-channel amplifier with built-in SpO2 and etCO2 modules, it allows complete examinations with the EEG 10/20 system and extensive polygraphy. In combination with optional synchronous video recording, it pushes virtually all the limits of intensive care monitoring. The optional trend program allows intensive care unit staff to reliably evaluate brain activity as it transcribes EEG signals, difficult to interpret for uninitiated eyes, into curves of clearly legible trends. In addition to the aEEG commonly used in pediatric intensive care units, programs include Density Spectral Array (Spectral Array), BSR (Burst Suppression Ratio), Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) ) and asymmetry. Our powerful data management system ensures user-friendly management and organization of all patient data, exams and results, and ensures integration into modern networks with, for example, terminal servers and mass archiving systems. Thanks to modern communication interfaces (HL7 and GDT / BDT), it connects to the computer systems of hospitals and medical offices.
  • Unvented industrial PC with touch screen
  • 38 channels including 4 DC channels and SpO2 and etCO2 modules
  • Trend program optional with aEEG, DSA, BSR, FFT
  • Data Management System
  • Interfaces HL7 and GDT/BDT


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