The Neuromaster is the latest addition to the NIHON KOHDEN family in the field of intraoperative monitoring. Equipped with an innovative programming concept, it has been specially developed to meet the needs of neurophysiological monitoring in the operating room. The Neuromaster offers various modules for analysis of evoked potentials (PES, PEA, PEV), EEG, PEM and EMG, configurable to the envy according to the surgical indication. To do this, you have various representations of the signals, in the form of original curves or trend curves. The signals from the PE and PEM are thus continuously recorded and stored and then represented in the form of cascade curves on a trend screen. Similarly, EEG signals, recorded continuously or in cycles, can be displayed as original curves or trend curves in DSA or CSA format. All these advantages are combined with a state-of-the-art programming concept that allows you to adapt flexibly to the requirements of surgical applications up to 100 different examination programs. Like all other NIHON KOHDEN systems, the Neuromaster is characterized by its exceptional signal quality, which ensures the reliability of the recordings under the specific conditions of the operating room. In addition, our designers have focused on the practical aspects of the hardware. Small and compact input and stimulation housings can be directly attached to the operating table to prevent interference from long electrode cables. Using remote access via TCP / IP, the neurophysiologist or anesthesiologist are independent, with their own recording system. They have remote access to all the original data and trends without hindering data recording. Naturally, the Neuromaster can be integrated into the network with other NIHON KOHDEN measuring instruments to create a common platform for all neurophysiology data.
  • Analysis module for PE, EEG, PEM and EMG16 ou 32 canaux
  • 5 to 20 electrical stimulators for peripheral stimulation
  • Up to 2 stimulators for intracranial electrostimulation
  • Optional transcranial stimulation
  • Optional integration of a video source
  • User-defined layout
  • Individual configuration of the examination procedure according to the surgical indication


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