Dimensions = 965x590x1425 Locking mechanism = Available. Lockable drawers with locking mechanism Drawer function = 1st and 6th drawers are separable to different chambers Upper table material = Top table made of ABS material 720x550 mm. Chassis material = It is made of metal profile material 20x20x2 mm. Material of body structure = It is made of plastic, stainless and aluminum tube Ø45 mm. Medical storage room = There are appliances in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th drawers. There is a medical storage device in the first 2 lines. Drug storage drawer = Absent. Number of drawer = 6 Drawers. 1st drawer = 565x300x20 mm. 2nd drawer = 7 medical storage devices, each device measures295x70x60mm. 3rd drawer = 5 medical storage devices. 4 devices measure 295x110x60 mm, a device measures 295x70x60 mm 4th drawers = 5 medical storage devices. 4 devices measure 295x110x60 mm, a device measures 295x70x60 mm 5th drawer = 7 medical storage devices. Each device measures 295x70x60 mm. 6th drawer = It measures 540x340x195 mm.   Number of rooms in the drawer = There are 7 storage units in the 2nd and 5th drawers. There are 5 appliances in 3rd and 4th drawers. Number and diameter of castor = 4 castors diameter 125 mm. Braking system = Two-wheel braking system using the foot. Structure of the cabinet = Absent Trash bin = it is made of polypropylene material, portable. Other Features = There is a 2-line medical storage device and an open shelf to carry the medicine bottle. Protective bumpers There are medical storage boxes at the rear part of the trolley Google Traduction pour les entreprises :Google Kit du traducteurGadget Traduction


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