Type = Manual Adjustment of floor height = Absent Back length = 490 mm Seat length = 440 mm Foot length = 342 mm Dimensions (from bumper to bumper) = 1155 mm x 635 mm Angle adjustment back = (For the position requiring the patient's intervention) the dorsal part tilting towards the ground Adjustment of angle declive / props = Absent Mechanism of control for the agitated parts = Absent, Available accessories = Support of foot. Stirred head function = Not available Accessory functions available = Retractable foot support made of compact material compatible with patient movement Armrest width = Width = 178 mm, Length = 288 mm Serum hanger = Serum hanger made of stainless material. There's a clip. Diameter and thickness of serum hanger = Ø19x 1,5 mm and Ø13x1 mm. Handle = Diameter = Ø25 mm, thickness = 2 mm. Metal handle in the back part of the back. Material Chassis = Body system made of painted DPK sheet. Thickness = 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm. Square profile 20x20x2 Tube Ø51x1,5 mm Back, seat and sleeping material = made of polyurathene material, Artificial leather = 500g / m2 Castors = Front castor = Ø300 mm / Rear castor = Ø125 mm Number and movement of the motor = Not available Other technical functions = Removable cushion = The backside part for the comfort of the user


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