PERSOLIFE - drawers 400 mm - Robust and lightweight self-supporting structure. Combination of anodised aluminum posts assembled from above and below by steel plate and frame; - Smooth straight side wall in thermoformed polystyrole; - Left side wall equipped with 2 tilting tanks and an adjustable suction pump support; - Thermoformed polystyrole backs with probes and an oxygen bottle with holding straps; - Drawers 417x470 mm resistant ABS injected plastic, full length handle with label holder and interchangeable color tag for content identification (9 colors available): red, green, yellow, blue, purple, gray, orange, pink and white. Drawers available in 4 heights: 76 (1 module), 156 (2 modules), 236 (3 modules) and 316 (4 modules) mm; - Front opening of 9 modules allowing the integration of drawers according to the needs; - Removable drawers rest on telescopic frames with total exit on slides to facilitate cleaning. The slides are equipped with self-closing jacks with a payload of 45 Kg per drawer; - Locking the Safety Lock drawers with single-use padlock numbered if the cardiac massage board is located under the worktop, the right side side or if it is not equipped with a cardiac massage board; - Drawer locks with single-use padlock numbered if the heart massager is on the front; - 100 numbered single use padlocks (traceability of drawers); - Anti-shock thermoformed ABS worktop with three raised edges h. 48 mm and front edge anti-drip, easily washable. Height worktop: 100 cm; - Thrust grips molded on three sides, for easy handling and good maneuverability; - Cardiac massage board on the front, under the worktop or on the right side; - Swivel and adjustable defibrillator support; - Telescopic stem holders; - Thermoformed ABS plastic base mounted on a steel frame, equipped with anti-shock stops and easily cleanable; - 4 swivel wheels Ø 150 mm anti-wires including 2 with brake, guarantee a perfect maneuverability of the trolley; - Carriage dimensions: 662x594x H 1050 mm; - Load capacity of the truck: 300 kg.  


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