With POLYSMITH ™, NIHON KOHDEN combines sleep analysis software with a range of recording systems to provide your institution with a complete customized PSG solution. The speed and accuracy of data analysis are the primary qualities of any sleep study center. With a wide range of diagnostic software packages and modules for sleep centers or multidisciplinary laboratories, the limitations of studying sleep-related events are further delayed. POLYSMITH ™ is compatible with all NIHON KOHDEN (up to 192 channels) portable, mobile or stationary recording systems that have been used for years in the study of sleep disorders and EEG and that focus constantly on the quality of the signal. The combination of powerful signal processing and sophisticated display algorithms gives you a clear picture of your data. Thanks to the numerous display options, you can easily configure your screen as you wish. You create and store as you wish the associations of trend curves and original curves on different time axes. The background watermark indicates, among other things, the patient's body position, sleep phase, and level of treatment. In addition to analyzes of sleep phases (optionally R + K or AASM), respiratory events, leg movements, ECG, arousal and SpO2, POLYSMITH ™ can measure blood pressure, pulse transit time, full ECG Holter option, EtCO2 and pH. These analyzes are available for both adults and children. The quality of your sleep center is often judged based on the data you provide to your correspondents. The POLYSMITH ™ Surveysmith report generator was developed based on expert knowledge to ensure this quality. It is a valuable tool for developing reports, expert opinions and recommendations.
  • Compatible with all portable, mobile and fixed NIHON KOHDEN recording systems
  • Examination of screening, polygraphy and polysomnography
  • Automatic and manual examination, eg. for - Sleep phases (optionally, depending on the R + K or AASM model) - Awakening - Leg movements - Respiratory events - snoring - SpO2, EtCO2, pH - Pulse transit time, blood pressure, ECG analysis
  • User-defined layouts with individual trend diagrams
  • Watermark in background to indicate body position, sleep phase, etc.
  • Surveysmith report generator with hyperlinks to original data
  • Import and export possibilities in EDF format (European Data Format)


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