SVM-7500 series


Intuitive operation of the touchscreen The touch screen allows easy and intuitive operation. Simply click on the data area for the patient or parameter to see more information or change a setting. Easy operation allows you to concentrate on your patient. User-friendly operation An onscreen guide with useful illustrations makes it easy to operate the monitor and perform basic tasks even for first time users. The guide also includes an explanation of the abbreviations of the parameters, arrhythmias and icons that are found in all Nihon Kohden monitors. Proper functioning allows you to focus on better patient care. 120 hours of synchronized data review Up to 120 hours of test data are recorded. The time is synchronized on all screens so you can easily view a different event views. A comprehensive review contributes to decision-making for patients. Interlayer provides quick access to check all patients in the network From any monitor, you can check the information and vital alarm status of any other monitor in the network. With this interbed function, you can immediately check the status of any patient. This leads to better care for all patients. Reliability, quality and performance To ensure high quality and performance, SVM-7500/7600 bedside monitors are designed and manufactured to the same exacting standards as all Nihon Kohden products. The assured quality of Nihon Kohden over the lifetime of the product gives you an excellent total cost of ownership and a better return on investment.


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