Négatoscope extra flat 4 beaches 150 – 44 cm


Extra flat but..maxi wide! Aluminum X-ray viewer with reinforced corners and anti-static luminance polymer screen 1,200 cd / m2. X-ray viewer 4 ultra flat ranges offering maximum ease of use!   • The body and the screen of this viewer are made of aluminum with the corners reinforced by steel plate covered with ABS material. The screen is designed in methacrylic polymer and antistatic thanks to a specific powder projected on its surface.   • In addition, the fixation system of this nagatoscope does not alter the quality of the radios displayed on its surface X-ray viewer 4 extra-flat beaches! • Voltage - Frequency: 220V / 30-100Hz. • Luminance: 1200 cd / m2. Screen dimensions in cm: 150 x 44 Exterior dimensions in cm 161 x 54.5 x 2.4


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